PATMPlanetary Atmospheres
PATMParty at the Moontower (band)
PATMPassenger Air Transport Movement (limit)
PATMPay Attention to Me
PATMPeople Allergic to Me
PATMPhiladelphia Area Transit Map (Philadelphia, PA)
PATMPerformance-Based Air Traffic Management
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Patm = 14.696[(1 - 6.8754 x [10.sup.-6]Z).sup.5.2559] (18b, I-P)
Chambers A, Carroll KK: Inhibition of proliferation of estrogen receptor negative MDA-MB-435 and positive MCF-7 human breast cancer cefts by patm tocotrienols and tamoxifen, alone or in combination.
Alveolar pressure P1 just prior to the inspiratory effort may be assumed to be equal to atmospheric pressure PATM. The PATM used must have BTPS water vapor pressure (47 mmHg) subtracted.
Qp= [DELTA]PmxC[O.sub.2] x MV x 1000/S x Patm x [DELTA]PetC[O.sub.2] [8]
The HYPO71PC code (Lee and Valdes, 1989) is used for location in a layered model, named PATM here, derived as an average representation for this broad area (Tselentis et al., 1996), see Fig.
Cell Cycle Checkpoint Signaling Mechanisms and pATM Function (HNV 99-14)
Patm. 254 (P), also of the tenth or eleventh century, contains a miracle account missing in V (ll.
He informed attendees that biofilm antibiotic sensitivity testing has become recently available in the US from Doctors Data lnc., which can now perform biofilm susceptibility assessments using the bioFILM PATM kit.
La investigacion se realizo gracias a la aportacion economica del programa de apoyo de tesis de maestria (PATM) y la linea de Diversidad en Sistemas de Cultivos de ECOSUR-Unidad San Cristobal.
Este proyecto fue financiado por el Programa de Apoyo de Tesis de Maestria (PATM), Beca CONACYT No.