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Paton said: "There was a lot of I pressure on me playing against my old team and trying to prove I belong at this level.
Paton jumped at the chance to sign for Plymouth as soon as he got the call from Derek Adams.
Paton said he had no memory of being with her, but there must have been consent because he is not a rapist.
But the tribunal heard that in January 2014, Dr Paton Ker had received texts from the patient inviting her for a drink.
A former civil servant, Mr Paton joined Accenture in 1992.
CCTV images showed Paton leaving a Swansea bar late that night and heading to the car, parked in High Street.
ey end the season at Paton Field against current division pacesetters Hull Ionians
What we found in those animals is they had a hypermetabolic rate compared to the wild mice, increased energy consumption and greatly increased these animals' exercise capacity, said Paton.
If you are willing and able to donate your time and talents to help build the Paton Playground on Saturday, May 19th, please email patonpto@gmail.
Paton beat her Irish opponent before also winning her team Kumite match as Wales beat Ireland 2-1.
And at the centre of the Rollers phenomenon was the wily Paton, playing to the gallery for all he was worth.