PATSIPage Automated Telecommunications Systems, Inc (Menlo Park, CA)
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Farmers Life's Patsis said an alliance is similar to a merger because both companies must adjust to another culture and adopt a communication process that works.
These results represent a team effort that should make every member of the Farmers family proud," Patsis said.
Patsis holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Villanova University, Pennsylvania.
Others selling their products included Ann Patsis of Westminster, who was selling bread and hand-painted items, and Angelina Donahue and Jessica Lombard, who were selling soaps and knitted goods for two businesses, Busy Hands and Auld School Organics.
Adopting new business technologies may make the difference between banks becoming buildings made of bricks and mortar with a few customers coming in here and there to inquire about investments, or thousands linking up electronically to see what their banks have to offer," Patsis said.