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Patsy made an effort to throw him, which culminated in his putting Patsy on his back.
But the enraged Patsy batted on, striking his own eye and nose and cheek on the top of the other's head.
Time upon time, and times without end, he clinched and put Patsy on his back, each time first whirling him around and putting him down in the direction of the door and gaining toward that goal by the length of the fall.
The officer looked at him with sullen, menacing eyes and nodded to Patsy to continue.
Patsy Horan and his satellites described the battle in detail.
At the police court, next morning, under bail, appeared Carter Watson to answer the complaint of the People Versus Carter Watson, for the latter's assault and battery on one Patsy Horan.
Also you will have to prosecute this Patsy Horan," Watson advised; "for I shall now have him arrested for assault and battery.
Patsy Horan and two of his satellites testified to a most colossal aggregation of perjuries.
When Watson attempted to tell how Patsy had injured his face in his attempts to bat with his head, Watson was openly scouted and flouted, and Judge Witberg again took him in hand.
Quite different it was from the perjuries that had shouted aloud from the perjuries of Patsy and his two witnesses.
The papers said I shook hands with Patsy Horan after the trial.
If you are a gentleman, get up--that's what Patsy told me, you know.