PAVGProgram Analysis and Verification Group (Stanford University; California)
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Referring to the 5-year moving average of Pavg and Tavg anomaly series during 1961-2009 (Figure 2), nonlinear and nonstationary variations in precipitation and temperature can be recognized clearly.
After the decomposition, we obtained four IMFs (IMF1-4) and one trend component (RES) for each time series (Pavg and Tavg).
The detailed quasiperiods and their corresponding variance contribution rate of each IMF and RES to Pavg and Tavg series are listed in Tables 2 and 3, respectively.
De Lima said that before he could join the PAVG, Cruz had to get permission from his mother, a laundry woman who also doubles as a tricycle driver following the death of her husband last year.
Just recently, a blaze broke out near the boy's house on Buenaventura Street with PAVG one of the firefighting groups which responded.
But this coming school year, he will enroll as a Grade 4 student at Bagong Ilog Elementary School after PAVG members convinced him that it was important for him to complete his studies.
De facto, neste estudo, o desempenho nos saltos verticais e: (1) inferior aos observados por (Gorostiaga e colaboradores, 2009) (SJ: htc = 41,18 cm, Pavg = 985,88 [+ or -] 130,30 watts; CMJ: htc = 43,64 cm; Pavg = 1014,36 [+ or -] 122,87 watts); (2) semelhante ao observado por Gomes (2011) (n=95; SJ = 36,92 cm; CMJ = 39,03 cm); e (3) superior ao observado por Santos (2009), (SJ: 34,9 cm a 35,8 cm; CMJ: 34,4 cm a 37,9).
No entanto, quando consideradas todas as variaveis sob estudo, os resultados da regressao linear permitem verificar que 38.7% da variacao do desempenho dos atletas no teste de agilidade (Zig-Zag test) pode ser explicada pela composicao corporal e desempenho muscular, i.e., pela idade (36%; p = 0,015), massa gorda relativa (48%; p = 0,006) e potencia dos membros inferiores (SJ Pavg; 16%; p = 0,091).
* Internal processes perspective: PAvg = 0.20/(7 KPI) = 0,0285/KPI;
* Financial perspective: PAvg = 0.20/(8 KPI) = 0,02500/KPI;
Legend # Leg hf hc Pavg Fi [cm] [cm] [W/kg] [BW] Best 2 Both 26.1 -21.1 16.2 0.78 Avg.
Leg Equilibrium Index: 1.35 Norm: 2.3 Legend # hf Pavg tcont.