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PAWAPower and Water Authority (Australia)
PAWAPalawan Animal Welfare Association (Philippines)
PAWANorthern Territory Power and Water Authority
PAWAPortland Amateur Wireless Association (ham radio club; Portland, ME)
PAWAPan American World Airways, Inc.
PAWAPrintmakers Association of Western Australia (est. 1974)
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They gave us enthusiastic support and PAWA was founded in 1989.
This is a monetary damages case, and Exxon Shipping controls," says Pawa, president of Massachusetts-based Pawa Law Group.
They argue workplace safety incidents have fallen dramatically in the last 30 years due to company management efforts but that the PAWA stands to reverse this trend by unfairly limiting employer rights and forcing businesses to shift existing safety resources to beat back the threat of litigation.
In June last year, President Arroyo approved the release of $25,000 (Dh91,750) to appeal the case of Pawa.
By 1938 there were four large Kenyah settlements above the series of rapids: two below the Seping longhouse at Long Koyan, these being the Kenyah Long Bangan at Long Bangan, and the Kenyah Ulna Sambop at Long Semutut; and another two above the same Seping Long house at Long Koyan, the Kenyah Badeng at Long Dulit, and the Kenyah Uma Pawa at Long Penyadan.
Prosecutors charged that the maid, named as Jakatia Mandon Pawa, stabbed the victim several times with a kitchen knife while she was asleep at dawn on May 14 last year in the Al Qurain district, south of Kuwait City.
participated in the PAWA competitions, including six Omani
The 4th Annual PAWA event gathers high quality judges, and great marketing and strategic partners like MSN Arabia, Lebanese Canadian Bank, Gowealthy and Orient Planet," said Moukarzel.
Apparently, unbeknown to us, there was a notice posted on the PAWA web site, which stated that unless the awardees attended in PERSON their award would be given to the runner up.
According to attorney Matt Pawa, "This is really the first [lawsuit] that a discretely identifiable victim of global warming has emerged.
Bachman from Occupational Hospital Support Unit (OHSU) gives physical therapy treatment to a Thai woman in Ban Nong Pawa School, Bahnkai Rayong Province,Thailand, during Cobra Gold 2007.
8% leased to tenants including Certified Movings & Storage, Doctors' Council Welfare Fund, Rivellas, Pawa & Blum LLP, Bechtel Corp.