PAWRPower Amplifiers for Wireless and Radio Applications (IEEE conference)
PAWRPRKC, Apoptosis, WT1, Regulator
PAWRPennsylvania Association of Wildlife Rehabilitators
PAWRPublic Authority for Water Resources (Oman)
PAWRPhiladelphia Area War Resistance (youth organization; Philadelphia, PA)
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From the factor loadings in Table 2, a three-factor solution was a good representation of the underlining factors of the PAWR. Using a cut-off factor loading of 0.3, all 12 items loaded on a single factor, forming a simple solution.
Having generated the items and refined the process and administration, initial results indicate a high correlation between an individual's stage of change, as assessed by the PAWR survey, and their likelihood of re-entering employment or full time education.
Only 23% of precontemplation jobseekers were in employment/education 6-9 months after completing the PAWR survey.
Data from the online, 12-item Psychological Assessment of Work Readiness (PAWR) tool suggest that the survey is a highly accurate predictor of a person's likelihood of entering employment or education.
The simulation domain is chosen to be a 120-km-by-120-km square centered at the Osaka PAWR, covering the 60-km range of the PAWR (Fig.
The convective rain system was well captured by the Osaka PAWR (see animated three-dimensional visualization in the electronic supplement).
We can see that both 100M and 1KM quickly become closer to the PAWR observations (Fig.
The three-dimensional rain distribution captured by PAWR reflectivity at 1510 JST (Fig.
Oracle is a founding board member of PAWR, an organization steering the research agenda and policy issues for US Ignite, responsible for the design, scope, and research goals for its members.