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PAWSProgressive Animal Welfare Society
PAWSPerforming Animal Welfare Society
PAWSPhiladelphia Animal Welfare Society (Pennsylvania)
PAWSPets Are Wonderful Support
PAWSPeople for Animal Welfare Society
PAWSPraise and Worship Service
PAWSPhilippine Animal Welfare Society
PAWSPanther Access to Web Services
PAWSProtection Against Wrapping Sequence
PAWSPets Are Worth Saving
PAWSPanhandle Animal Welfare Society (Florida)
PAWSPhased Array Warning System
PAWSPet Animal Welfare Statute
PAWSPlanted Ancient Woodland Site (UK)
PAWSPlantation on Ancient Woodland Site (ecology)
PAWSPost Acute Withdrawal Syndrome
PAWSPublic Awareness of Science
PAWSProficiency Assessment for Wyoming Students
PAWSPartners Advancing West Islip Students (West Islip, NY)
PAWSProcesses with Adaptive Web Services
PAWSPreservation of Animal Welfare and Safety
PAWSProtect Against Wrapped Sequence Numbers
PAWSPetroleum and Water Systems
PAWSProtecting Animal Welfare Society
PAWSPromoting Awesome Watershed Stewardship
PAWSParallel Assessment Window System
PAWSProfessional ATLAS (Abbreviated Test Language for All Systems) Work Station (TYX Corporation; defense industry)
PAWSPuppies Achieving Worthy Service
PAWSPassive Airborne Warning System
PAWSPets and Animals Welfare Society
PAWSPets As Willing Servants
PAWSPan Am World Services
PAWSPsychological Abuse Warriors and Survivors
PAWSPennsylvania Animal and Wildlife Service
PAWSPullman Against Wal-Mart Supercenter
PAWSParents Assisting with Students (mentoring program)
PAWSPeoples Alliance for Wildlife Survival, Inc.
PAWSPortable Analyst Workstation
PAWSPhone and Web Services (University of California, Riverside)
PAWSPolar Automatic Weather Station
PAWSPut A Web Server
PAWSPortable ASAS/ENSCE Workstation
PAWSPeople Are Winners at School (Greendale Middle School, Greendale, WI)
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So now the wretch went for the third time to the house-door, knocked at it and said: 'Open the door for me, children, your dear little mother has come home, and has brought every one of you something back from the forest with her.' The little kids cried: 'First show us your paws that we may know if you are our dear little mother.' Then he put his paws in through the window and when the kids saw that they were white, they believed that all he said was true, and opened the door.
There might be opportunity for a deft and ripping thrust of paw into the tender, unguarded belly.
Sylvie simply stroked the great paw: Bruno hugged it: the Master of the Ceremonies looked shocked.
I saw now why the great brute was armed with such enormous paws. The use that he was putting them to was precisely that for which nature had intended them.
Then Ferko recognised the mouse whose front paws he had healed, and replied, 'Alas I how can you help me in a matter that is beyond any human power!
To die here alone, beneath the fangs of wild beasts; to be torn and rended; to feel the hot breath of the brute on his face as the great paw crushed down up his breast!
He pushed it in front of him with his paws, like a brewer's man trundling a barrel.
Some were lying asleep while others lay sucking their paws and looking around them with big pink eyes.
She met his onslaught with one contemptuous sweep of her capable paw. Rusty went rolling helplessly over on the rug; he picked himself up dazedly.
Releasing my hold upon the ivy, I dropped the re-maining distance to the ground, saved from laceration only because the lion's paw struck the thick stem of ivy.
As he came near, the Lion put out his paw, which was all swollen and bleeding, and Androcles found that a huge thorn had got into it, and was causing all the pain.
With his teeth, he bit off the paw of his front foot and threw it at that poor beast, so that he might have something to eat."