PAWSSPeace and World Security Studies (degree program)
PAWSSPorts and Waterways Safety System
PAWSSPet and Animal Welfare Support Service (Aberdeen, Scotland, UK)
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An extensive literature review for anything associated with the various phases of alcohol withdrawal was performed to help develop the PAWSS, which includes 10 highly predictive questions for any patients who first indicate that they have had alcohol in the prior 30 days, or who is admitted with a positive blood alcohol level test.
But PAWSS is meant to provide timely information, which is important in patients at risk, and another purpose for developing PAWSS was to provide an affordable tool that can be used anywhere, including rural community hospitals or clinics where other tests might not be available, Dr.
But for the threats that are not readily apparent, perhaps because they are too far from shore, the PAWSS or the equivalent systems used in other countries won't suffice.