PAXISPilot Action of Excellence on Innovative Start-ups (European Commission)
PAXISPassenger Intelligence Services (air travel market analysis)
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Many of these strategies can be implemented rather quickly, and are part of a statewide plan developed by PAXIS Institute for Wyoming.
Presently, PAXIS Institute is working with state and local governments, teacher groups and school districts to diffuse this highly effective strategy that increases the conditions to support achievement, reduces the need for special education and reduces lifetime anti-social behavior.
Paxis is the machine that eats them and could reject them.
BTC calls on IATA to shortcut this process and simply answer the questions: [sup.3]Will IATA mask all corporate identities in PaxIS, yes or no?
Dennis Embry, president and CEO of the PAXIS Institute will address ways that communities can help children grow into strong adults by sharing strategies on how to lower health care costs, reduce substance abuse and mental illness, reduce delinquency and crime and improve academic success.
InB: Paxis Pharmaceuticals, 5555 Airport Blvd., Suite 200, Boulder, CO 80301; Tel: 303-448-9850, Fax: 303-531-5235
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is seeking an EU-wide Declaratory Judgment from the Amsterdam District Court confirming that the PaxIS product does not infringe on TravelportOs database rights in any of the member States of the European Economic Area.
An International Chamber of Commerce arbitration tribunal ordered IATA to cease using any ticketing information transmitted by Amadeus in its PaxIS product.
The travel IT and GDS company said the International Chamber of Commerce Court of Arbitration said the use of the data by IATA's Passenger Intelligence Services (PaxIS) "constitutes a breach of its contractual agreements with Amadeus and also infringes Amadeus' rights under the EU Database Directive." In a statement, the Madrid-based company said the court had "ordered IATA not to use any ticketing information transmitted by Amadeus for the purpose of developing, marketing and selling PaxIS, or any other similar reports, or for any purpose, except for the orderly operation of the Billing and Settlement Plans.