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PAYDIRTProcessing Architecture Yielding Deductions in Real Time
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At first, we fished off the rocks, but one day we decided to have a go off a small beach and immediately hit paydirt.
No paydirt for US runners FIRST-TIME Dubai World Cup night winners for Ireland and Bahrain, a successful return for Qatar in the arab race, and for Australia, after a seven-year gap, and a single for the Brits virtually guarantees that these countries will be represented again in a year's time.
According to him, specialisation is, therefore, the key to strategy and this has been the Bajaj Auto mantra ever since it hit paydirt by focusing on the mileage commuter and sporty segment with the Discover and Pulsar.
There's a small plot to the front, but at the rear is paydirt, with paving and a lawn, perfect for the good life without leaving the town.
Every once in a while some lucky hotel chain hits paydirt and finds a really switched on PR agen- cy, whose smart approach bags them loads of coverage.
Bare hands or crude picks wielded by slave laborers scavenging through the paydirt of open mines.
The band stated in the '70s but hit paydirt in the '80s with a series of power ballads including Don't Stop Believing, Any Way You Want It and Wheel in the Sky.
One sultry night, he appears to have hit paydirt with Vincent - an enigmatic passenger with seemingly more money than sense, who has several stops to make over a few hours.
But the memo to the Texas office will be loud and clear: The Liverpool Reds franchise is about to hit paydirt.
In designing the store, the entire shopping experience and many of the product offerings according to a female customer's desires, Lowe's has hit paydirt, with 42 percent of females preferring Lowe's versus 33 percent favoring The Home Depot.