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PAYTPay As You Throw (trash disposal pricing)
PAYTPay As You Talk (pre-payment mobile phone service)
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A paper by (Kontogianni et al., 2014) through a prototype application has outlined in a Greek municipality, the relevant contribution of current innovative technological solutions in supporting PAYT applications, especially in identifying the system users.
Speaking on PAYT, Kouyialis said there were a lot of ways to introduce it in a fair manner, and noted that the measure will contribute in creating more "green jobs".
Searles and board Chairman Kevin Donovan agreed that, for most homeowners, the cost of rolling Casella's $73-per-ton tipping fee into the town budget would be "a wash" for most homeowners, when compared to what each spends now on PAYT bags.
Question 2 would add non-carbonated drinks, like bottled water, to the bottle bill and is based on the very same premise that PAYT was: financially reward those who recycle and people will do it.
Aboulnaga believes a "phased" implementation starting with an awareness drive to segregate and curb waste should be capped by a PAYT programme.
The average revenue per PAYT customer is pounds 175.
EPA is promoting its pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) garbage disposal program to communities across the country.
"One very important measure is the 'pay-as-you-throw' (PAYT) scheme, which is successfully implemented in other European countries; people will pay according to the volume or weight of the garbage they produce, thus they will think twice before they throw everything in the trashcans.
The grants will be disbursed to assist with start-up costs, such as producing public education materials, and purchasing PAYT bags and recycling bins.