PB1First Polar Body
PB1Preece-Baines Model 1 (biology)
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The diversity we detected in the HA subgroups of HPAI viruses in Indonesia in 2015-2016 we also detected in gene segments PB1, PA, NP, and NA, as was apparent by determination of the APD.
First, note that any number of padlock probes could be used simultaneously with differing R1/R2 (target-specific) regions, but sharing a single PB1'/PB2 amplifying primer pair.
Matured DOs could reach morphological maturation and extruded PB1 24 h after IVMregardless of adding Forskolin or PD166285 in maturation media or not, and had no significant difference with in vivo mature oocytes in appearance (Figure 1B, 1C).
Meanwhile, the hydration reactions of Cu(II) or Zn(II) contaminated soils are delayed, so that the Cu(II) or Zn(II) contaminated soils (Cu1 or Pb1) during 28 days (d) curing periods show lower compressive strengths than those of carbonated specimens.
In this paper, we report marker-aided introgression of the QTL Saltol from FL478 into PB1 and the resulting improvement in seedling stage salt tolerance of the PB1 near isogenic lines (NILs).
This nucleotide substitution within +1 open reading frame did not alter the corresponding valine in the frame of PB1 and PB1-N40, and thereby, those two proteins were not changed (Figure 1(a)).
Despite low level of polymorphism obtained, in the present study, three primers, OPP9, OPC5 and OPC14 differentiated between Kabuli genotypes (ILC482, ICCV2, Pb1) and Desi genotypes (Dasht, Balkasar) of chickpea.
Six of the genotypes which were found susceptible with conventional method CM601/06, CM739/06, CH 81/06, CM709/06, PUSA329, Pb1 were also validated by all the four primers used.
To gain a more detailed evidence of binase effect on H1N1pdm viral gene expression in A549 cells we used a plasmid based reverse genetic system containing a set of plasmids encoding PB1, PB2, PA, and NP genes of H1N1pdm viral RNP complex and an influenza virus-like RNA encoding a GFP reporter protein (see Sections 2.12 and 2.15).
Abstract: In 2001 the 11th influenza A viral protein PB1-F2 was detected and found to be encoded by an alternative open reading frame in the PB1 polymerase gene.