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PBAMPrimary Bile Acid Malabsorption (intestinal disorder)
PBAMPhilippine Basketball Association of Montreal (Canada)
PBAMPerformance Based Adjustment Model (US DoD)
PBAMPerformance Based Assessment Model
PBAMPeripheral Blood Adherent Mononuclear Cell
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JANA2006 program was used for the Rietveld refinement of the XRD pattern assuming orthorhombic structure with Pbam space group (Figure 2).
PBAM adjusted budgets based on additions or decrements to overall workload in comparison with the previous rolling 12 month cycle.
Table 1 Demographic Characteristics of Surgical Patients from Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions and Ochsner Clinic Foundation Demographic Characteristics Proportion (n = 377) Age (years [+ or -] SD) 59 [+ or -]15 Male 45% Race White 72% Black 20% Others 8% ASA Classification ASA II 44% ASA III 47% ASA IV 9% Primary Procedure Gastroenterology 30% Genitourinary 29% Cardiovascular 10% Musculoskeletal 20% Integumentary 4% ENT 3% Respiratory 3% Hematolymphatic 1% Endocrine 0% Miscellaneous 0% From Stonemetz J, Pbam JQ, Marino RJ, Ulatowski JA, Pronovost PJ.
(OTC: PBAM), the parent company of CalPrivate Bank, has said that it has completed a USD10m capital raise through the sale of 444,444 shares of its common stock at USD22.50 per share to institutional and certain accredited investors.
This investment is in line with those PBAM has been discussing over the past six quarters.