PBASPartnership Brokers Accreditation Scheme (Overseas Development Institute, UK)
PBASPrecedence-Based Assured Service (US DoD)
PBASParallels Business Automation Standard
PBASProgram Budget and Accounting System
PBASPeter Beardsley Appreciation Society
PBASProgram Budget Automated System
PBASPupil Behaviour Assessment System (UK)
PBASPeriodicity-Based Algebraic Separation
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The synthesis of polystyrene (PSt) and poly(butyl acrylate) (PBA) core/shell polymers of nanometer size by a two-stage semi-continuous microemulsion polymerization was reported by us elsewhere [20], where its mechanical properties were compared with those of a PSt-PBA core/shell polymer of similar composition but larger size made by conventional two-stage emulsion polymerization.
'Partial-birth abortion' (PBA) is a US colloquialism for intact dilation and extraction (D and X), [1] coined by conservative pro-life advocates, who liken the procedure to infanticide.
The interaction between PBAS and corporate governance (Govl) is significantly positive, suggesting that firms with better governance alone have more earnings management than when they use rules-based standards.
More recently, initiatives to augment standardized testing with performance-based assessment (PBA) have increased as educators progressively respond to mandates for authentic measurement of student attainment.
Technology and engineering education has historically used PBAs as its primary assessment tool, beginning in apprenticeships and industrial arts (Bonser & Mossman, 1927).
KARACHI -- The Pakistan Banks Association (PBA) organized an awareness session on Automatic Exchange of Information (AEIO) under the OECDs Common Reporting Standard (CRS).
PBAs will provide some security to the Welsh construction sector and support the Wales Procurement Policy Statement, requiring public bodies to adopt best practice approaches to payment through the supply chain.
It is also handling claims relating to packaged bank accounts (PBAs), which offer customers free travel insurance and preferential rates on overdrafts in return for a monthly fee.
Other uses of PBAs are found on a provincial basis, in Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Manitoba and Saskatchewan for provincial nominees for immigration.
(245) The focus of the assembled cast was, among others, on the World Bank's Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA) as a "bundle of interwoven practices" (246) and the Performance Based Allocation System (PBAS) as a specific practice, all of which shed light on the logic of bargaining between the international organization and its member states; (247) on the practice, in the context of international bargaining, of what the rational-choice theorist William Riker called heresthetics, or political manipulation; (248) and on the international practice of security privatization.