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The single strand DNA as probe was immobilized on the surface of graphene by using 1-pyrenebutanoic acid succinimidyl ester (PBASE) as a linker.
In order to immobilize the DNA probes on graphene, PBASE is used as an intermediate linker to modify graphene due to its high chemical stability and being nonhydrophilic and insoluble in organic solvents.
After introduction PBASE molecules into graphene, several new bands were observed.
1-Pyrenebutanoic acid, succinimidyl ester (PBASE) was purchased from Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
For the noncovalent functionalization of the SWCNT bundles, the biosensor platform assembled with SWCNTs was further incubated with 6 mM PBASE (9.8 mg PBASE in 5 mL DMF) as a linker for 2 h at room temperature followed by rinsing with pure DMF and DI water to remove excessive PBASE on the biosensor [20].
"Fallen warrior from the east pediment," photograph by Brian McMorrow, December 25,2005, PBase, http://www.phase.com/bmcmorrow/image/57985319.
[19] have reported noncovalent attachment of CdSe QD to SWNT via the 1-pyrenebutyric acid N-hydroxysuccinimide ester (PBASE) linker.
However, Pbase 2 trials in which odanacatib was compared with alendronate found that the new drug increased BMD almost twice as much as alendronate did, with less reduction in serum markers of bone formation.
Su labor en la Comision preparatoria de Sacrosanaum Concilium>>, Pbase 280 (2007) 311-327.
I do and will do everything I can to keep pbase .com running forever because I don't want people to hate me, and I have no corporate entity to hide behind."