PBCIPublic Broadcasting Cooperative of Illinois
PBCIPakistan Bible Correspondence Institute
PBCIPalm Beach Cancer Institute (Florida)
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Briefly PBCI and PBCJ cells (5 x 103 cells/well) were inoculated in 96-well cell culture plate.
PBCI (5x104) cells were added in 6 well plate in 2 ml DMEM complete medium and incubated at standard condition for 24 h.
The migrating cells from PBCI and PBCJ tissue pieces are shown in Figure 1.
PBCI cells were spindle shaped and elongated but PBCJ cells were more flat showing fibroblasts like morphology as compared to PBCI (Fig.
Arsenic did not significantly effect the proliferation of PBCI cells till 8 g/ml.
When PBCI cells were exposed to different concentrations of arsenic for longer duration (48 h) no cell survived at 18 g/ml concentration (Fig.
PBCI cells became round at higher concentrations of arsenic (Fig.
DNA damage was observed in arsenic treated PBCI as comet were formed in almost all the treated cells while no comets were formed in control samples and round nuclei were observed (Fig.9).
ABI = [[summation].sub.i] [(oe).sub.i] [(BB).sub.i] SNI = [[summation].sub.j] [(mc).sub.j] [(NB).sub.j] = PBCI = [[summation].sub.k] [(cp).sub.k] [(CB).sub.k]
For the each of the three indirect measures (ABI, SNI, PBCI), the theoretical minimum and maximum scores are -63 to 63, respectively.
The indirect determinant of perceived behavioral control (PBCI) was a significant predictor of the direct determinant (PBC), F(1,135) = 114.281, p < 0.001, and accounted for 45.8 percent of its variance.
PBCF: Proteina bruta corporal final; PMF: Peso medio final; PBCI: Proteina bruta corporal inicial; PMI: Peso medio inicial