PBCLSPalm Beach County Library System (Florida)
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Furthermore, PBCLs have been used over intrastromal corneal ring segments (ICRS, Intacs[R]) in patients with KC.
Table 4 summarizes the characteristics and results of some of the most relevant studies on KC management PBCLs.
HCLs emerged as an alternative option to PBCLs and RGPCLs [106,107].
Furthermore, immunohistochemical changes have been studied in patients with KC fitted with ClearKone HCLs and PBCLs during 6 months [97].
C-ScCLs and ScCLs are not usually the first choice to fit but are commonly prescribed when other CLs (SCLs, RGPCLs, PBCLs [94], and HCLs [106,107,112,113]) show tolerance problems [117,118] or do not provide acceptable VA.
SCLs, RGPCLs, PBCLs, HCLs, C-SsCLs, and SsCLs form the contemporary range of available lens types for the management of KC with CLs.
Numbers and type of study Corrections Prospective Prospective Retrospective Case comparative cases series report SCLs 4 8 4 RGPCLs 10 7 4 1 PBCLs 4 5 HCLs 2 1 4 SsCLs 6 11 12 3 Corrections Total Follow-up range SCLs 16 Two weeks-24 months RGPCLs 22 3 months-25 years PBCLs 9 3 weeks-3 years HCLs 7 1 day-23 months SsCLs 32 1 day-85 months SCLs: soft contact lenses, RGPCLs: rigid gas permeable contact lenses, PBCLs: piggy back contact lens system, HCLs: hybrid contact lenses, SsCLs: scleral contact lenses.
It has been reported that only 2% of the KC CL wearers use PBCL [98].
Two of the most reported PBCL complications are the difficulty to handle two CLs and the low DK, which acts as a double barrier over the corneal surface [99].