PBCNPeter Ballantyne Cree Nation (Canada)
PBCNPhilippine Breast Cancer Network (est. 1997)
PBCNPan-Birmingham Cancer Network (UK)
PBCNPompano Beach Club North (Florida)
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'For this purpose, every individual and legal entity, both foreign and domestic is encouraged to sign up and acquire a PBCN to ensure accurate records.
The PBCN Chief and Council resolved to oppose the storage and transportation of nuclear waste in the region.
The overall structure of [BaZn.sub.2][Ti.sub.4][O.sub.11] (Orthorhombic Pbcn, a = 14.140(3) [Angstrom], b = 11.592 (2) [Angstrom], and c = 11.1173 (13) [Angstrom]) consists of a three-dimensional network of distorted, edge-sharing and corner-sharing octahedra with Zn filling some tetrahedral interstices.
where [m.sub.it] is the growth rate of money for country i at time t, and PBCN is an electoral dummy variable that equals 1 during electoral quarters and in either (depending on the specific test) the three or five quarters before the election.