PBDCParents for Behaviorally Different Children (New Mexico)
PBDCPacific Basin Development Council
PBDCPalm Beach Dharma Center (Lake Worth, FL)
PBDCPhilippine Bomb Data Center (est. 2005)
PBDCPittsburgh Biomedical Development Corporation (Pennsylvania)
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PBDC contracted Bunales through Noel who was the authorized representative of the company for the Knightsbridge Project.
This came after heavy rains and flooding caused a landslide in December 2017 that destroyed a row of unoccupied housing units, pending the compliance by PBDC of the construction of a storm water drainage, slope protection structure, and green infrastructure.
Victoria Noel informed the Tacloban City government in a letter dated April 23, 2018, that it has requested for soil/slope protection, reforestation and drainage for the same housing project, the same conditions imposed on PBDC.
And while the PBDC does not have access to the updated investigation into the 19 incidents, Senoron said it can be concluded that disgruntled students were the most common suspects behind majority of the bomb threats in 2014.
Then people start panicking," the PBDC official said.
In my years with the PBDC, this is the first time I've seen this big a number of incidents," said a PBDC analyst who requested anonymity for lack of authority to discuss the issue.
PBDC data, which also comes from media reports and other credible sources, support the popular theory that the bomb threats were meant to disrupt exams.
The fact that no demands were made in all 19 instances proved that the main intention of the bomb threat senders was to "sow fear and panic," according to the PBDC analyst.
Frustrated with a system that perpetuates disempowerment, I approached the counseling of PBDC as a means of examining community representation in the community development non-profit world.
During its formulative stage, a recently established community development credit union client did not consider market preferences for financial services beyond perfunctory surveys similar to the one that PBDC had conducted.
However, for most organizations, like PBDC, integration of grassroots input is the most realistic means of strengthening organizational effectiveness.