PBDFPolybrominated Dibenzofuran
PBDFPeace Bridge Duty Free (Canada)
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The authors concluded that PBDEs, being non-coplanar organohalogens, are very poor AhR inducers and that most of previously reported AhR-inducing properties of PBDE mixtures can be explained by the presence of polybrominated dibenzofurans (PBDF) and polybrominated dibenzodioxins (PBDD) in the mixtures.
Similar conclusions concerning the role of PBDD and PBDF in activating AhR by low-grade purified BDE-47 were reported by Wahl et al.
Letters of invitation were mailed to all 110 Wisconsin cohort residents who had been tested for PCB, DDE, and PBDF serum levels in 2004-2005.