PBDSPhilips & BenQ Digital Storage
PBDSPalm Beach Day School (now Palm Beach Day Academy; Palm Beach, FL)
PBDSParti Bangsa Dayak Sarawak (Malaysia)
PBDSPerformance Based Development System
PBDSPrototype Biological Detection System (UK)
PBDSPateley Bridge Dramatic Society (UK)
PBDSPost Boost Detection System
PBDSProfessional and Broadcast Digital Systems (London, UK)
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PBDs (pyrrolobenzodiazepine dimer) are of an order of magnitude more potent than other warheads currently used with other ADCs and in the case of TR1801-ADC are linked to the antibody via a site-specific conjugation site.
Rovalpituzumab tesirine is one example of ADC with PBD as a payload (Table 1), that has been reported to have a potency to eliminate pulmonary neuroendocrine TICs at subpicomolar level in vivo (83).
This retrospective study evaluated outcomes of HM in achalasia patients who underwent preoperative endoscopic PBD and showed that HM+DF is an effective procedure in relieving achalasia symptoms as a first-line treatment as well as in patients unresponsive to repeated endoscopic PBDs.
Plackett-Burman experimental design (PBD) and 23+star central composite designs (CCD) were used to optimize the DWA method.
The PBDs have been used for 3 decades in many types of cancers including ovarian, cervical, head and neck, and non-small-cell lung cancer [9-11].
Two mutually complementary genetic approaches used for isolation of PEX genes encoding peroxins were genetic phenotype-complementation of peroxisome assembly-defective mutants of CHO cells and a combination of the human orthologue isolation by homology search on the human expressed sequence tag database using yeast PEX genes and cells from patients with PBDs of more than a dozen different genotypes, i.e., complementation groups (CGs) (Table 3; see below).
The PBDS was created to help hospital educators proactively assess nurses' clinical judgment abilities, allowing for quick recognition of nurses' level of skill.
Not only do the MBTS LBDs disperse faster, but they are also cheaper than traditional MBTS PBDs. Polymer tends to be more expensive than the additives used to make liquid bound dispersions.
"The attention it draws will dilute if the format is changed," said Kumar who has attended 11 of the 13 PBDs so far.
Other sectors have increasingly taken the cue in setting-up large office spaces in SBDs and PBDs.
Where outdoor air and return air dampers are controlled so that one opens when the other closes (Figure 4), both outdoor air and return air dampers should be PBDs to minimize pressure drop and reduce fan energy.