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PBECPacific Basin Economic Council
PBECPacific Blue Energy Corp. (Phoenix, AZ)
PBECPacific Basin Economic Cooperation (est. 1967)
PBECPebble Beach Equestrian Center (Pebble Beach, CA)
PBECPool Business and Enterprise College (UK)
PBECPorcine Brain Endothelial Cell
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Mexico, por ejemplo, avanza en esta direccion con una alianza entre MexCham y PBEC para los Negocios en el Pacifico.
Whatever the benefits of a procedure, the HPCSA PBEC, which is the standards-generating body for prehospital emergency care in SA, has a clear set of ethical principles to which providers are obliged to adhere in performing everyday duties.
En 1980, para deliberar propuestas del PBEC, surgio el Foro de Cooperacion Economica del Pacifico PECC (The Pacific Economic Cooperation Council), organizacion tripartita compuesta por empresarios, funcionarios de gobiernos y academicos, que como foro regional debaten--a titulo personal--sobre la cooperacion y la coordinacion de politicas que promueven el desarrollo economico en la region.
Pacific Blue Energy Corporation (Pacific Blue Energy) (NASDAQ-OTCBB: PBEC), a publicly traded solar energy company that seeks to build and manage large renewable energy projects, has named George Sagredos as its new director.
For the 100% interest in Ship Ahoy, PBEC will pay USD300,000 (EUR225,000) and one million PBEC restricted shares with a par value of USD0.001.Ship Ahoy's previous owner, George Buckingham, will continue to assist PBEC in the development of the plant and the procedure for hooking it to public utility Arizona Public Service, or APS.
Dos anos mas tarde, en 1967, se forman el Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC), la Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference y la Asociacion de Naciones del Sureste Asiatico (ASEAN).
Equally in the parallel non-government domain the roles of PECC, PBEC, PAFTAD and CSCAP are not always concisely established.
2003: Promover la participacion colombiana en las actividades nacionales e internacionales de PECC, APEC (Asia -- Pacific Economic Cooperation) y PBEC (Pacific Basin Economic Council); estimular la coordinacion interinstitucional que facilite y fortalezca la insercion de Colombia en el sistema de cooperacion economica del Pacifico, compuesto por los organismos mencionados antes.
In an attempt to play a greater role in a range of economic forums, [10] Taiwan has successfully become a member of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), and the Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC) and the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC).
The meeting became a model for similar committees which Japan later established with other countries, and the Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC) was to develop out of this committee.
Inaba, at 76 the most senior in terms of age among leaders of Japan's economic and business organizations, told a press conference he needs to remain at the head of the JCCI because it will host a general meeting of the Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC) in Tokyo in April 2001.
Hawaii business leaders have high hopes for the upcoming PBEC conference.