PBESParameterised Boolean Equation System
PBESPrefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems (US DOT)
PBESPiney Branch Elementary School (Maryland)
PBESProvincial Business Environment Scorecard (partnership; Cambodia)
PBESPompano Beach Elementary School (Florida)
PBESProgram and Budget Enterprise Service (US DoD)
PBESPensacola Beach Elementary School (Gulf Breeze, FL)
PBESPerformance Based Evaluation System (various)
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The idea of using nanosilica suspensions as bonding agents to improve the bond between cementitious grouts and concrete PBEs opens the possibility of transitioning the critical point in the structural system away from the interface region of these two materials, they say, adding "The topical application of nanoparticles to form coatings has been shown to improve the performance of different type of interfaces in cementitious materials, such as paste-aggregate bond, and bond between precast concrete surfaces."
Already used within the Defense Agencies Initiative, Navy Military Sealift Command, and Army Corps of Engineers, PBES is the budget formulation system selected to replace the Automated Budget Interactive Data Environment System (ABIDES).
[H.sup.1]: There is a significant difference in the PBES of Russian public sector employees based on different levels of education, after controlling for age.
Under the new guidance, however, PBEs can recognize actual forfeitures in both the numerator and denominator.
PBEs constitute a set of equations that is, in principle, infinite in number, because the internal coordinates are distributed properties that theoretically may take values from zero/one to infinity.
In this paper, we will use the spline-based method to reconstruct the PSD coupling with PBEs describing Brownian coagulation in the free molecule regime and continuum regime.
In these cases, ERCP techniques commonly used for dislodging PBEs are generally inapplicable because fragments of PTBD catheters are rigid, bulky, and with sharp edges, preventing its safe passage through the gastrointestinal tract.
The type approval of the PBES system opens global marine markets by providing PBES' customers with security in knowledge that their vessel will meet class standards.
Prefabricated bridge elements and systems (PBES) offer superior durability and speed the onsite construction of bridges.
"It's a sincere pleasure to participate as a panelist in the PBES conference," said Benton.
In contrast to EBPs, practice-based evidence (PBE) focuses on mining evidence from the typical experiences of practitioners (Barkham, Hardy, & Mellor-Clark, 2010; Simons, Kushner, Jones, & James, 2003).
The investigation revealed they canisters and PBEs were from the airline's aircraft and had been removed from service.