PBFCPortland Blast Furnace Cement (concrete mix)
PBFCPavel Bure Fan Club (hockey)
PBFCPolymer Batteries and Fuel Cells (conference)
PBFCProfessional Beauty Federation of California
PBFCPlanet Beach Franchising Corporation (Marrero, LA)
PBFCPalm Beach Fencing Club (Florida)
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We have witnessed huge crowds watching these matches which has raised hope and happiness as well as a positive image of the province which we expect to continue through PBFC 2018,' added Bokhari.
Figure 7 shows the DSC curves of PBFA, PBFB, and PBFC. The [T.sub.g]s values of PBFA, PBFB, and PBFC were 217[degrees]C, above 300[degrees]C, and 263[degrees]C, respectively, which were higher than those of the analogue based on bisphe-nol A structure (about 163[degrees]C for PB-a (4), 238[degrees]C for PB-mda (20), and 298[degrees]C for PB-ala (17)).
[T.sub.5] and [T.sub.10] of PBFC were as high as 387 and 398[degrees]C.
Samples Water absorption (wt%) [T.sub.g.sup.b] [T.sub.g.sup.b] ([degrees]C) ([degrees]C) PBFA 1.62 217 216 PBFB 1.58 >300 >300 PBFC 1.89 263 264 PB-a 0.54 163 156 PB-ala 0.61 283 278 PB-mda 0.82 238 232 [T.sub.g.sup.b], the glass transition temperature of the polyhenzoxazines before water absorption testing: [T.sub.g.sup.a], the glass transition temperature of the polyhenzoxazincs after water absorption testing.