PBFFPalm Beach Film Festival (Florida)
PBFFPortable Bitmap File Format
PBFFPopulation-Based Funding Formula (New Zealand)
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However, for a country in which transparency and accountability are key principles of government, there is minimal information publicly available regarding the construction of the PBFF or the methods used to derive individual DHB allocations.
The paper states the lack of clarity over the funding allocation process, combined with the significant differences in funding per capita across the 20 DHBs, has contributed to criticism of the PBFF and ongoing tensions surrounding health funding decisions.
The researchers have compiled their own version of how they believe the PBFF allocations are determined, using what information is available.
102/2 onNH-36 (Bridge Floor protection & filing the eroded bridge approaches and scour pit with earthen and then toe protection with CC wall, curtain wall & Boulder apron on the bed), under PBFF for the year 2014-15 under Bakulia NH Division in the state of Assam.
construction of paved shoulder, raised footpath and outlet drain under PBFF for the year 2013-14under