PBFSPaul Butterfield Fund and Society (band)
PBFSPalm Beach Film School (Florida)
PBFSPenile Blood Flow Study
PBFSPlan B Financial Services, Ltd. (Australia)
PBFSParents for Better Family Solutions
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In this paper, to present high-dimensional elements, d parallel BFs (PBFs) and parallel hash tables (PHTs) are proposed to represent the elements with d dimensions.
PBFs. To store the dimensions, this paper introduced d BFs (Figure 1(b)), and every BF owns k independent hash functions [29] [h.sub.1], [h.sub.2], ...
In an earlier political analysis, Asian Tribune very clearly gave the exact functions of this UN agency known as the Peacebuilding Fund (PBF).
The PBF has four broad Priority Areas that it supports.
The diagnosis of P.vivax malaria was established by peripheral blood film (PBF) and Rapid diagnostic test (RDT).
Both male and female (above 18 years of age) confirmed cases (on PBF and RDT) of Plasmodium vivax infection were included in the study.
PBFs, energy efficiency resource standard (EERS), and financial
First, a number of states have adopted PBFs, or dedicated funds
In this section, we shall formally define permuted basement fillings (PBFs) and the generalization of the RSK insertion algorithm due to Haglund, Mason, and Remmel [HMR12].
where the sum is over PBFs [F.sup.[sigma]] of shape [gamma] and basement [sigma].
In joining the recovery reimbursement department, I discovered that PBFS has a third-party denial and underpay management system that handles all contract reimbursement calculations as well as denial tracking and managed care contract modeling.
Louis native joined PBFS as director of taxes in 1988 after being sold on the company's commitment to providing advancement opportunities for people of color.