PBGAPlastic Ball Grid Array
PBGAPseudo-Bacterial Genetic Algorithm
PBGAPotomac Basin Group Associates (est. 1971; Beltsville, MD)
PBGAPennsylvania Beagle Gundog Association, Inc.
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Measures only 23 mm x 32 mm, on 1mm pitch Available in a 543 PBGA package, with SnPb balls Offers 44 percent space savings and 23 percent reduced I/O routing as compared to solutions with similar capabilities built from discrete components Supports data rates of 800, 1,066 and 1,333 megabits per second (Mb/s)
Amkor Technology Inc (Nasdaq:AMKR), a provider of semiconductor assembly and test services, said on Friday that it intends to convert all of its 19mm through 31mm body size Plastic Ball Grid Array (PBGA) packages to pin-gate molding (PGM).
Accelerated thermal cycle (ATC) testing was performed using 676 PBGA components with 1.0 mm pitch and electrolytic Ni Au finished component pads.
Sample Shipment: MB86H01 Series Product Package Sample Availability MB86H57 FBGA 650 pin From end of July 2009 MB86H58 PBGA 496 pin From end of July 2009
This includes 2x the board level reliability of a standard FC PBGA or FC ceramic BGA, as well as full signal wiring on both sides of the core.
The STB7109 is available now in sample quantities in a 35 x 35 PBGA package and costs $26 when purchased in large volumes.
All three security processors are available in 400-pin PBGA packages and are currently sampling to early access customers.
The DP83864 quad GigPHYTER V transceiver is offered in a 292-pin plastic ball grid array (PBGA) package.
The 3D-RAM5 (M2V40092DWG) is available in a 256pin plastic ball grid array (PBGA) package that occupies a 17mm x 17mm footprint, and is functionally and electrically backward compatible to previous 3D-RAM generations.