PBGSPrva Bosnjacka Gimnazija Sarajevo (school)
PBGSPermian Basin Geophysical Society (Midland, TX)
PBGSPlant Building and Grounds Services (University of Michigan)
PBGSPhotonic Band-Gap Structure
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Without any PBGs under the feed line (reference array) the beam-peak is directed along the 0[degrees] axis.
[51] proposed a modified PWE technique, which can calculate successfully the PBGs for the PCs composed of the Drude-type medium.
* An excellent image guide resonator is achieved by inclusion of PBGs, useful in low noise oscillator design.
The gap map method for analysing PBGs [3] has proven to be an effective approach to investigating PCs over a range of filling fractions.
In Figure 3, we plot the PBGs for both the binary DS PC (black curve) and the ternary MDS PC (red curve).
Then in Section 3, we investigate systemically the properties of OBGs in this 1DBPCs, and the thickness- and temperature-dependence of the PBGs are also indicated.
In principle, the MTF, air/[(AB).sup.N][(CD).sup.M][(AB).sup.N]/air is designed to let the pass band of the PC, [(CD).sup.M], be located within one of the PBGs of the host PC, [(AB).sup.N].
The programme will provide PBGs based on results achieved by the municipal committees against the disbursement-linked indicators (DLIs), besides supporting provincial government agencies like the Finance Department, Local Government and Community Development Department, Local Government Board and Punjab Municipal Development Fund Company.
Photonic Crystals (PCs) or Photonic Band Gap (PBG) materials are a new class of optical nanostructures with a periodic modulation in the dielectric constants on the length scale comparable to optical wavelength.
Through these structures, the photonic bandgaps (PBGs) can be enlarged effectively, and narrow multi-channel filters can be obtained when the constituent PBGs are designed properly [23,24].
The elegant military drill, which will be conducted by specially chosen men from the 28 Madras battalion of the Army, also has a new feature in the form of equestrian display which showcases the rhythmic harmony of the powerful PBG horses with the band.The clank of accoutrements, of both the smartly dressed men and ornamented horses, compiled with the thud of the horseshoe and the clear stomp of Napoleon boots makes the ceremony an audio-visual delight.The 'Change of Guard' is a military tradition where old sentries enable a contingent of new ones to take their duties swiftly.