PBIIPlasma-Based Ion Implantation
PBIIPlatteville Business Incubator, Inc. (Platteville, WI)
PBIIProvider Based Immunization Initiative (New York)
PBIIPocketBook 2
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Because of the same management operations in PBI and PBII, we placed these two periodic blocks into young age class (1-50 years).
Periodic blocks Age at the time Age at the end of of formation regeneration period PBI 1-25 77-100 PBII 26-50 51-70 PBIII 51-71 26-50 PBIV 76-100 1-25 Table 2: Growing stock characteristics of Chir Pine forest.
After 30 min of fertilization, when the 50% of the eggs released the first polar body, triploid was induced by inhibiting the release of the polar body II (PBII) with 450 [micro]mol/mL 6-deimethylaminopurine (6-DMAP) for 20 min.
Currently, there have been no reports of the deposition of DLC film doped with different silicon and silicon-nitrogen ratios using the PBII technique, aimed at comparing the mechanical properties and corrosion resistances.
A schematic of the plasma-based ion implantation (PBII) apparatus is shown in Figure 1 [18-20].
All silicon substrates were prepared by sputter-cleaning and then interlayer deposition using PBII apparatus.
The pure DLC, Si-DLC, and Si-N-DLC films were prepared using the PBII technique.
Elemental doped diamond-like carbon films (silicon, silicon-nitrogen) were prepared on Si (100) wafers using the PBII technique.
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After a year at PBII, she took time off to attend Providence College in Rhode Island, where she took class but didn't perform.