PBISAPlatform Battlefield Information System Application
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The crystallization half-time [t.sub.1/2], the parameter n, and the kinetic constants [k.sub.n] were determined and collected in Table 2 exclusively with regard to PBISA. In fact, the Avrami treatment could not be applied to the PBISB copolymer because of the high noise which characterizes the exothermal signal due to the very low crystallization rate.
In order to evaluate the effect of composition on crystallization rate, the half-crystallization time [t.sub.1/2] of PBISA was plotted in Fig.
It should be emphasized that the Avrami exponent n for PBISA is very close to 3 for all the temperatures investigated (see Table 2), indicating that the crystallization process originates from predeterminated nuclei and is characterized by three-dimensional spherulitic growth.