PBLAPerformance Based Learning and Assessment (various locations)
PBLAPieds Blancs les Aydes (French sports association)
PBLAPermian Basin Landmen's Association (Midland, TX)
PBLAProfessional Basketball League of America (1947-48)
PBLAPhiladelphia Box Lacrosse Association (Pennsylvania)
PBLAPasaules Brivo Latviesu Apvienibas (Latvian: World Federation of Free Latvians)
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AfL studies have also provided a number of specific understandings that have implications for PBLA (Harlen & Hayward, 2010, pp.
Research studies that focus on the impact of PBLA on language learners in Canada, a need that was also recognized by Ripley (2012).
This study aims to address this gap by examining the implementation of a PBLA pilot project in adult ESL classes in the Canadian context.
These included four LINC instructors who piloted PBLA at separate LINC delivery sites in the same city: Julia, Katherine, Meagan, and Victoria.
However, the review of current academic literature and the empirical data on TL in PBLA revealed the need for complementing these four conceptualizations with an additional perspective, grounded in sociocultural theory.
Even though this study focuses on practice-relevant analysis, I will include a brief summary of major theories of learning, because the summary will facilitate further theoretical and empirical examination of TL experiences in PBLA.
In addition, a series of PLA homopolymers that had the similar degree of polymerizations (DP) of lactyl unit to PLA block in PBLA were obtained in terms of the similar procedure in Step 2.
The note PBLA1217, for example, described the PBLA triblock copolymer that had one PBA block on center (number average molecular weight ([M.sub.n]) = 2266) and one PLA block ([M.sub.n] = 1217) on each end; PLAEU1217 described the multiblock poly(ester-urethane) obtained by the chain extending reaction of PBLA1217.
PBLA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and supported by an Advisory Board comprised of senior members of the Bar and the judiciary.
L'auteure decrit l'intiative du PBLA et dresse les grandes lignes de l'approche employee pour l'integrer aux programmes d'ALS pour adultes.
On the CM-5 we used the gen_matrix_mult routine present in the Connection Machine Scientific Software Library, and on the Paragon we used the psgemm routine from Parallel BLAS (PBLAS).
1979], particularly the Level 2 and 3 BLAS for computational efficiency, and ScaLAPACK relies upon the BLACS [Dongarra and Whaley 1995] for efficiency of communication and uses a set of parallel BLAS, the PBLAS [Choi et al.