PBLGPoly-Benzyl L-Glutamate
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However, for the PHB/PBLG (20/80) blend, where PBLG replaces PHB as the matrix phase, improved mechanical properties were obtained compared to either of the individual components.
SEM analysis shows the morphology of the PHB/PBLG blend and concludes that PHB/PBLG (80/20) and PBLG (60/40) blends possess a microphase separated structure, in which PBLG acts as the dispersed phase of the diameter below 0.01mm.
In addition to the wild type, variant pBLG constructs carrying the following mutations were generated: -101C [right arrow] T, +20C [right arrow] T, IVS-I-108T [right arrow] C, and IVS-I-110G [right arrow] A mutations (12-16); +10 (-T), +4043, and +1565 [right arrow] 1577 deletions (17-19); and two novel mutations (-223T [right arrow] C, and -42C [right arrow] G).