PBNBPine Bluff National Bank (Arkansas)
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PBNB has also profited from its geography, Morgan said.
PBNB's loan portfolio wasn't burdened with inflated real estate as were many other banks across the country, Morgan said.
PBNB has five branches in Pine Bluff and one each in Star City, Redfield and White Hall.
In 1991, PBNB acquired at auction nearly $50 million in deposits from Home Savings Association, a Kansas City S&L that had assumed most of the operations of Pine Bluff's spectacular S&L failure, FirstSouth.
Most of PBNB's ag customers are farmers who grow row crops on between 2,000 and 10,000 acres each.
PBNB has found a loyal customer base in farmers, who tend to prefer community banks for their lower lender turnover, Pittillo said.
In 1995, PBNB's leadership formed holding company Jefferson Bancshares Inc.
For years, the banking community in Pine Bluff had little competition--just Simmons First National Bank, PBNB and what's now Bank of America--but that is in the process of changing.
Simmons, of course, remains the 800-pound gorilla of the Jefferson County banking market with $508 million in deposits as of June 30, compared with PBNB's $217 million.
In its listing of bank market share that ran last month, Arkansas Business, using figures from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., showed PBNB losing deposits ($170.4 million as of June 30, down from $197.4 million a year earlier) in Jefferson County.
PBNB, which employs 123, will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year.
In the past couple of years, Jefferson Insurance and Financial Services was formed as an affiliate of Jefferson Bancshares Inc., owner of PBNB. It offers auto, home, business, life and health insurance.