PBNMPolicy Based Network Management
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As the XRD patterns shown in Fig.12, all samples exhibited pure [Bi.sub.2[S.sub.3], which agreed well with PDF-017-0320 orthorhombic Pbnm lattice structure.
The morphological features of topaz observed in many crystals belong to the orthorhombic dipyramidal class 2/m 2/m 2/m, and space group Pbnm (Gaines et al., 1997).
[Bi.sub.2][S.sub.3] is a 1.3-1.7 eV direct band gap layered semiconductor with orthorhombic crystal system and [D.sub.2h.sup.16] or Pbnm space group, which has structure similar to [Sb.sub.2][S.sub.3] and [Sb.sub.2][Se.sub.3].
Crystallography: Orthorhombic, Pbnm, a 10.343, b 11.095, c 5.7601 A, V661.0 [A.sup.3], Z 4, a:b:c = 0.9322:1:0.5192.