PBNPPoint Beach Nuclear Plant
PBNPPorcine Brain Natriuretic Peptide (amino acid)
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T2-weighted Fast Spin Echo and T1-weighted gradient echo images were acquired to visually evaluate the in vivo biodistribution of PBNP. No signal changes were registered under the applied conditions compared to the prescans.
Furthermore, the size distribution of PBNP showed monomodal distribution in cases of TEM and AFM measurements, too.
Based on the claims found in the present study authors' 2012 US patent [10], Gallium incorporating PBNP (Ga-PBNP) production studies were performed at the University of Ohio [14].
Presumably the iron content of the injected PBNP sample (2.5 mM 250 uL PBNP) was not high enough after the intravenous administration to alter the microscopic magnetic properties of the living system.
Because of the radioactive metal binding capability of PBNPs (e.g., [sup.201]Tl-labeled PBNP), it could be a useful SPECT tracer in preclinical research (in biliary obstructive diseases (e.g., hepatocarcinoma, pancreatic tumors) due to the high and intensive liver uptake and biliary excretion [18]) and could have the potential for translation into clinical practice too.
Table S1: the result of viability assays in cases of saline and three different PBNP dilutions.
Caption: Figure 4: Tl-weighted inversion prepared snapshot gradient echo (a) and T2-weighted multiecho spin echo (b) images of a phantom containing five different concentrations 0.125 mM, 0.25 mM, 0.38 mM, 0.76 mM, and 1.25 mM of PBNP solutions were scanned and signal changes compared to the bidistilled water signal.
Table 1: Result of relaxivities (r1 and r2), ordered to examine concentrations of [sup.201]Tl doped PBNPs. Relaxivity ([mM.sup.-1] R ([mM.sup.-1] Error of R (mM ms 1) [ms.sup.-1]) [ms.sup.-1]) [ms.sup.-1]) r1 = 0.64+ / -0.02 3089 91 r2 = 0.96+ / -0.03 2119 350 Table 2: Retention factors of [sup.201]Tl(I) ions and [sup.201]Tl doped PBNP examined with paper chromatography.
The investigation of in vivo stability and biodistribution of the radiolabeled PBNPs was our goal as well.
Synthesis of PBNPs. A modified method of Shokouhimehr was used to prepare citrate-coated PBNPs [4].
PBNPs appeared as objects with a flat rectangular surface protruding from a rounded halo (Figure 2(a)).
PBNPs appeared as flat rectangular, dense objects in this case as well.