PBNSPercutaneous Bladder Neck Stabilization
PBNSPersatuan Bolasepak Negeri Sembilan (Malay: Football Association of Negeri Sembilan; Malaysia)
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Total RNA of PBNs was isolated by Trizol reagent and then reverse-transcribed to cDNA by oligo (dT)18 primers.
In PBNs, we suppose that selecting one Boolean function is probabilistically independent at each time.
To compare CS-PBNs with PBNs, consider (7) as a simple example.
In verification, the PRISM-based method for PBNs [16] was extended to that for CS-PBNs.
In recent years, a stochastic Boolean network [33] has been proposed as a new representation of PBNs. In addition, to simplify a given Boolean network, the Karnaugh map realization of a Boolean network has been proposed in [34].
First, we introduce a probabilistic Boolean network (PBN).
Paint-by-number, or PBN, was the brainchild of artist/designer Dan Robbins with the support of Max S.
A yearning for the past plays a big part in today's craze for vintage PBN paintings.
Rubin began collecting vintage PBN paintings about five years ago and has since amassed a collection of more than 300.
Trey Speegle, the creative director of YM magazine in New York, has a collection of about 500 PBN paintings which he hangs according to theme in his 19th-century home.
(One legitimate use is in collateralized mortgage obligations.) It is frequently used in advance-fee type scams along with other "red flag" terms such as "PBN" and "PBG." It also may be used awkwardly in context, which is likely to mark the deal as fraudulent.
If other bogus terminology, such as "PBN" or "PBG" is found in the agreement, you are probably dealing with a fraudulent transaction.