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Could it be that requiring PBNZ registration of presenters at lectures and conferences undermines the responsibility incumbent on the individual healthcare provider?
Does the PBNZ have the capacity to deal with 1700 special purpose scope of registration applications?
If I were to invite her along to present a short seminar, or join in our Journal Club followed by social drinks, must she be registered with the PBNZ for a special purpose scope of practice?
The Chair of the PBNZ, Hilary Godsall (Godsall 2008b), in the current issue of the Journal, has indicated that the Board may revisit the special purpose scope of registration following completion of their review of the general scope, in the near future.
In the year ending March 2006, 3480 Annual Practising Certificates were issued to physiotherapists (PBNZ 2006).
The result was that the physiotherapist was suspended for six months, and in the event that he re-applied for an Annual Practising Certificate, he was required to undergo supervision and mentoring by an appointee of the PBNZ on business and accounting practices and to ensure his practice was in accordance with ethical standards.
Additionally, the physiotherapist was ordered to pay 50% of the costs, the findings were published in the PBNZ's newsletter and on the Tribunal's website, and he was censured.
Physiotherapists who commit criminal actions come under the scrutiny of the criminal process, the PBNZ and the Tribunal, which has taken a particularly critical view of criminal activity in relation to ACC fraud.
It is worth reflecting that the ten competencies set down by the PBNZ all require some element of ethical practice and that as a prerequisite to registration, physiotherapists are all required to be 'of good character and reputation' (PBNZ 2005).
For example, Section 82 of the HPCA Act offers conciliation as an alternative means of dispute resolution and the PBNZ may also carry out competence reviews.