PBORPersonnel Below Officer Rank (US DoD)
PBORPatients Bill of Rights
PBORPerformance Book of Record (investments)
PBORProgrammable Brown Out Reset (hardware)
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Since it costs money--from the FAA's budget and your wallet--to maintain this status quo, it's time to deregulate the medical certification process and eliminate the need for a third-class medical when conducting the kind of non-commercial flights listed in PBOR 2.0.
According to ATA president David Stempler, the group opposes the PBOR because it believes it will make things worse for passengers.
Antony informed the House that the Government has accepted the recommendation to bring parity between pension of pre and post October 10, 1997 PBOR pensioners, inclusion of Classification Allowance of PBOR from January 01, 2006 and further improving PBOR pensions based on award of GOM, 2006.
The support team of IL-76 and IL-78 MKI additionally comprises 12 officers and 26 PBOR. Group Captain V Dedgaonkar is the team leader, while Group Captain K Kale is the Exercise Director for the IAF.