PBOVPotomac Bank of Virginia
PBOVParking Brake Operated Valve (vehicle part)
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PCR products of 20 PBoV positive samples were selected and sequenced.
Comparative sequence analysis of NS1 genes from PBoV, human Bocavirus, and other animal Bocaviruses showed distinguishable gene cluster among all those Bocavirus isolates.
Human Bocavirus and animal Bocavirus except for PBoV strains had less than 64% identity and formed several separate clades.
In our study, PBoV was divided into 6 different clades, PBoV-a~PBoV-f.
In this study, all 20 slaughter pig PBoV NS1 sequences located in PBoVa-d groups mean that all isolated NS1 genes are more relevant to traditional PBoV3-5 group isolates, which did not give match with any PBoV1-2 group reference sequences as previously reports [6, 15].
A similar amino acid sequence alignment result showed that all PBoV strains sequenced in this study are more related to PBoV3, PBoV4, and PBoV5 (90.38% similarity) but distinct from PBoVl and PBoV2.
Positive tissue samples were detected from all provinces, implying that PBoV is widely distributed Chinese swine herds.
Currently, the pathogenesis of PBoV remains to be clarified.
Although the 20 PBoV strains sequenced in our study are grouped distinctly with HBoV, PBoV strains grouped in PBoV-f are much more close to feline Bocavirus.