PBP5Penicillin-Binding Protein 5
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For example, in group G1 isolates, the percentage of densitometric values of PBPs ranged between 30-63 per cent (PBP1); 33-63 per cent (PBP2); 68-83 per cent (PBP3); 11-91 per cent (PBP4); 66-16 per cent (PBP5); 86-98 per cent (PBP6); 49-69 per cent (PBP1); 95-99 per cent (PBP8) with reference to the respective PBP expression in ATCC.
Subsequent studies confirmed that the lack of PBP 5 expression in this mutant was due to loss of the pbp5 gene (15).
Molecular analysis of these strains suggested that the increase was attributable to mutations within the pbp5 gene, which decreased the binding affinity of PBP 5 for ampicillin (20,21).