PBPAPaul Beard Photo Agency (UK)
PBPAPermian Basin Petroleum Association (Midland, TX)
PBPAPharmaceutical Benefits Pricing Authority (Department of Health and Ageing; Australia)
PBPAPeriodical and Book Publishers Association (Malta)
PBPAPoway Business Park Association (San Diego, CA)
PBPAPhilippine Bus Photographers Association
PBPAParotid Benign Pleomorphic Adenoma
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The PBPA Top Hand award is the highest honor distributed by the PBPA each year.
The amount of pBPA plus FA/pBPA adduct were determined using an authentic sample of pBPA and assuming a similar response factor for the 1:1 adduct.
Non-converted Converted modifier modifier Component (relative wt%) (relative wt%) Method FA 7-9% 2-4% NMR pBPA (includes all 25-30% 32-36% HPLC oligomers) FA-pBPA 15-20% 30-40% HPLC pBPA-FA-pBPA 5-10% 1-3% GPC pBPA-FA-pBPA-FA-pBPA 6-8% 1-3% GPC TABLE 2.
"However, both of these sub-basins provide stacked play potential, and both are supported by educated and experienced work forces," said PBPA's Robertson.
PBPA (Pharmaceutical Benefits Pricing Authority) (2010), Annual Report: for the year ended 3 0 June 2010, Canberra.
* Cost information, whether provided by the supplier or estimated by the PBPA.
* Other relevant factors that the applicant company wishes PBPA to consider.
The PBPA has also alleged that certain individual refugees in Ireland have suffered human rights abuses.