PBPMPost-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical (academic program; various universities)
PBPMPlay by Private Message (gaming forum)
PBPMPhoton Beam Position Monitor (nuclear science)
PBPMPlant Biosecurity Policy Memoranda (Australia)
PBPMPractical Business Process Modeling (workshop)
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PBPM president Hussin Awang Ngah said as such, the association expressed gratitude to the government for always safeguarding the welfare of all ex-policemen.
Hussin Awang said the government had also approved haj quota allocation to 300 PBPM members a year as well as pilgrimage quota sponsored by 1Malaysia Development Bhd Foundation for 100 members annually.
Apart from that, the government had also approved the proposal to develop a land for PBPM in Bandar Tasik Permaisuri here, he added.
If intervention PBPM costs are not reduced by at least 5 percent under the original contract terms, an MHSO must repay all fees it received.
Holding prior year's PBPM and death rate constant, participants were more likely than non-participants to be female, younger, have diabetes-only, to be in better health (lower HCC scores), and less likely to have qualified for Medicare due to a disability (age<65 years) or be enrolled in Medicaid.
In Figure 1, we present a difference-in-differences analysis of trends in PBPMs for each of the eight MHSOs starting from each beneficiary's own base year PBPM.
Figure 2's light bars show the percentage that the MHSO had to reduce the intervention's PBPM relative to its comparison group's PBPM to keep all its management fees.
Although the intervention and comparison groups were similar at randomization and start date with respect to beneficiary demographic and clinical characteristics, our analyses revealed some PBPM differences between intervention and comparison groups at the start of the MHS pilot.
Table 4 Percentage Difference in Intervention and Comparison Per Beneficiary Per Month (PBPM) Costs at Randomization and Start Date for Medicare Health Support Organizations (MHSOs) MHSO Randomization (1) Start Date (2) Percent 1 1.2 1.0 2 -1.2 3.0 3 -2.6 1.3 4 -0.7 2.2 5 0.8 3.1 6 -1.0 6.1 *** 7 0.1 -1.1 8 0.0 0.2 *** p<0.01.
In addition, the CMS is providing incentive payments at $2.50 PBPM for track 1 and $4 PBPM for track 2, based on practice performance on utilization metrics and quality, measured at the practice level.