PBPTPilates-Based Physical Therapy
PBPTProducer Board Project Team
PBPTPostural Blood Pressure Test
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The PBPT Act defines benami transactions, prohibits them and further provides that violation of the PBPT Act is punishable with imprisonment and fine.
An appellate mechanism has been provided under the PBPT Act in the form of Adjudicating Authority and Appellate Tribunal.
CCIT Region have been notified to perform the functions and exercise the powers of the Approving Authority, Initiating Officer and Administrator, respectively under the PBPT Act.
The PBPT protocol was evaluated by a clinical study of 30 stroke patients between the ages of 39 and 81 with chronic motor impairment following a single stroke that had occurred between 8 and 95 months before the initial assessment [43].
Subsequent evaluations showed that the PBPT protocol evoked a statistically significant improvement in motor performance that was maintained at the 3-month follow-up (Table).
Because the adaptive PBPT protocol adjusted the time allotted for a movement and allowed long movement durations as needed, fewer repetitions could be accomplished in a 1-hour therapy session.
The success of our adaptive PBPT algorithm indicates that this route can lead to substantial benefits.