PBQPainted Bride Quarterly (Drexel University literary magazine)
PBQPatient Benefit Questionnaire
PBQPittsburgh Bible Quizzing (Pennsylvania)
PBQProfessional Battery Quality
PBQPoor Build Quality (UK electronics industry)
PBQPain Behaviour Questionnaire
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On the other hand, one can find intermediate instruments that can comprise both self-report and other-report evaluations answered by people in the surrounding environment of the subject, such as the Prosocial Behavior Questionnaire (PBQ; Martorell, Aloy, Gomez & Silva, 1993).
(2002) construyeron esta escala tomando items de otras subescalas del PBQ version larga (Beck y Beck, 1991).
One year his birthday fell during AWP's annual conference, and some of us in the Philly Crew, including PBQ editors Kathy Volk Miller and Marion Wrenn, had a party for him right at the dance.
Utilizou-se a versao portuguesa do PBQ (29), instrumento de autorresposta cuja versao final possui 25 itens em uma escala de Likert: "sempre", "muitas vezes", "frequentemente", "as vezes", "raramente" e "nunca", variando de zero a cinco (3), em que maiores valores sao atribuidos as respostas consideradas indicativas de dificuldades na relacao e menores valores as respostas que traduzem situacoes favoraveis a esta.
A single score for the PBQ was calculated by assigning points to the majority of the items from the questionnaire (see Appendix Table 1).
Algunos instrumentos como el cuestionario VPA-30 y PBQ los completaron los pacientes en sus hogares, entregandolos tras una semana desde que se realizo la evaluacion neuropsicologica.
Independent international estimates suggest that the total quantity of Cs-137 released into the atmosphere by the multiple explosions and fires in the first week following the disaster amounted to 35.8 petaBecquerel (PBq, [10.sup.15] Bq), 42 percent of the estimated emission from the Chernobyl disaster (Stohl et al.
Children problem behaviors were assessed using the Preschool Behavior Questionnaire (PBQ;Behar, 1977), a 30-item rating scale designed to assess behavior problems among preschool-aged children.
It is estimated that the accident released about 900 PBq in radioactive materials, (1),(2) of which ~ 500 PBq was iodine 131.
In comparative terms, he said, this is slightly more than the amount put into the sea by Chernobyl--although the total environmental release from that accident, at 85 PBq, was much higher.
The PBQ is a self-report questionnaire measuring beliefs related to personality disorders (Beck et al., 2001).
The total deposition from Chernobyl on land amounted to 10 PBq [sup.90]Sr and was 125 times more than got directly to the Baltic Sea, because the less volatile isotope was confined to areas closer to the damaged reactor and later washed out with rain and riverine outflow [7].