PBRCPennington Biomedical Research Center
PBRCPacked Red Blood Cells (blood transfusions)
PBRCPublic Benefits Resource Center
PBRCProvidence Black Repertory Company (Providence, RI)
PBRCPacific Biosciences Research Center
PBRCPit Bull Rescue Center
PBRCPeace Building Resource Center
PBRCPresidential Blue Ribbon Committee
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Administered and coordinated by PBRC, the grant will be used to provide legal services to preserve homeownership and sustainable housing for low-income Baltimoreans age 60 and older through Project Household.
After another four months, the PBRC was ready to go to court.
The authors also thank the staff of the PBRC Comparative Biology and Cell Biology and Bioimaging Cores for their technical assistance and support.
Diets consisted of commercially-available foods and beverages that were prepared by the PBRC Metabolic Kitchen with precise control of both macronutrient and energy content (i.e., all foods and beverages were calculated and weighed to the nearest 0.1 gram).
Of course it remains to be seen whether the practice of OPC--or its 'culture' as the PBRC termed it (34)--can be transformed by these reforms alone.
Lewis told her audience of Filipino American community leaders at the Pilipino Bayanihan Resource Center (PBRC) in Daly City last weekend that the Filipinos have risen but could rise some more with the victory of administration's slate.
states now undertaking policies regarding stem cell research, a group from Pennington Biomedical Research Center (PBRC), Baton Rouge, La., have turned to human fat stem cells as a means to create new, viable cells--in this case, muscle and bone.
The Yorkshireman needed only to finish in the top nine in the race, the penultimate of the PBRC 2003 series, and was ultimately only edged out here by Finland's Tapio Laukkanen.
It will be round three of the PBRC and event five of the series for Group N Lancer Evolutions.
Example: his call for new $141 MM Kakaako facility to jointly house both rescued doc school and greatly expanded UH biomedical research program currently centered primarily around two JABSOM affiliates, the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii, (CRCH) and the Pacific Biomedical Research Center (PBRC); But he also let's you know he's not sitting back expecting taxpayer to foot full cost of his dream, has well-thought out plan to also chase down research grants, gifts, big donors, forge alliances with biotech industry partners prepared to put up money for right to get inside track on UH biotech research.
BRC Licensing Limited (BRCL), the organiser and promoter of the Pirelli Brit-ish Rally Championship (PBRC), is dismayed to hear of the cancellation of the Rally of Wales.