PBRFPerformance-Based Research Fund
PBRFPlum Brook Reactor Facility
PBRFPennington Biomedical Research Foundation
PBRFProbability of Being in Response Function (data analysis method)
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This is particularly the case for the New Zealand system and manifests itself in the PBRF that began in 2003, and that assesses every individual academic staff member in research institutions.
New Zealand has been no different: the School's overall PBRF rating announced in 2007 was 3.0, a 1000% increase over its previous score (0.3), and the largest improvement in the University at that time.
Under the influence of schemes such as the PBRF, scholars are, I contend, changing their ideas about the nature and purpose of research and limiting their activities consistent with the performativity demands of their institutions.
In an international sense, the RQA was somewhat delayed, compared to the New Zealand rating exercise, the Performance-Based Research Funding (PBRF) review, first undertaken in 2003, and the United Kingdom (UK) Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), initiated in the early '90s.
In New Zealand, although no such "official" list exists, the panel members of the last two PBRF (Performance Based Research Fund) exercises used a combination of recognized perceived quality lists to evaluate academics' research output.
The Tertiary Education Commission (http://www.tec.govt.nz/) provided the most recent information about the position of academic staff in the New Zealand university system when the results of the Performance Based Research Fund (PBRF) were released.
Both the RAE (UK) and the Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF) in New Zealand rank individual researchers.
Warren Smart, in his study of the impact of the Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF), finds that university researchers have become significantly more productive since the introduction of the PBRF.
During the period considered by this paper the research output of economists in New Zealand universities was also evaluated using a peer-review process as part of the 2006 Performance Based Research Fund (PBRF) quality assessment.
The Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF) is the current system of evaluating research outputs and funding research in the academic setting in New Zealand.
The rise of PBRF (Performance Based Research Fund) drew authorship into the spotlight.