PBRSPearl Building Rating System (Estidama; United Arab Emirates)
PBRSPublic Benefit Rating System
PBRSPerformance-Based Reward System (various applications; various locations)
PBRSPerformance-Based Restricted Stock
PBRSProgram Budget Reporting System
PBRSPerpetual Bible Reading Schedule
PBRSPerformance-Based Requirements Set
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When asked whether PBRS would forfeit any funds given to them by former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Kurup said 'it was too premature to say'.
All of these features result in an estimated 63 per cent reduction in total energy consumption compared with the Estidama PBRS baseline, said Baselaib.
The new law is the result of pressure on the Government from the International community to present plant breeder's rights (PBR) to perceive business plant reproducers' commitment to the advancement of new varieties, which was strengthened by the rising private seed industry in Pakistan.
Keeping in view the perverted aspects of it and to utilize this field newly emerged field of biological sciences for the benefits of its citizens, the Federal Government has framed special rules, known as Pakistan Biosafety Rules (PBRs), 2005.
It is the economical and durable approach, with high productivity in large scale cultivation in comparison to enclosed PBRs. The maintenance and operational expenditure is also low, but energy input required for processing is high [62,2].
"Companies already design and build similar PBRs," he says, adding that he expects the amount of technical expertise and experience he has in this particular application will be of value to wastewater companies.
Designed as a sustainable, environmentally friendly building also taking into account the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council's (UPC) Estidama approach towards ecological design, a UPC and Abu Dhabi Airports collaboration has led to the MTB's recent 3 Pearl Design Rating award from the Estidama Pearl Building Rating System (PBRS).
In 2011, the DTI launched the Enhanced Business Name Registration System (eBNRS), and in 2012, the DTI was able to launch the Philippine Business Registry System (PBRS) with government agencies involved in starting up starting are all put on board.
The downstream data components are obtained by a data link of 1.25 Gb/s bandwidth and the signals are generated by pseudo random data generator (PBRS) and an electrical signal generator.
The typical examples are PBRS-BBR [83] and PBRS [84] protocols.
At the same time, Mills said the use of PBR is "in question because New York and California are questioning whether they want to accept PBRs, and the NAIC is currently debating whether to approve a model act regarding PBRs."