PBTEPunjab Board of Technical Education (Lahore, Pakistan)
PBTEPerformance Based Tsunami Engineering
PBTEPerformance Based Teacher Education
PBTEPacific Building Trade Expo
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PBTE hinges on an understanding of learning to teach as an interactive process that develops over time as individuals work together on a collective activity (Lampert, 2010; Zeichner, 2010).
High levels of MEG in GeX QDs and higher QYs than in bulk GeX were subsequently observed in these structures [50], with external quantum efficiency exceeding 120% for PbTe QDs [51].
The current state of the art thermoelectric materials from the [([Bi.sub.1-x][Sb.sub.x]).sub.2] [([Te.sub.1-Y][Se.sub.Y]).sub.3], [Bi.sub.1-X][Sb.sub.x], [Si.sub.1-X][Ge.sub.x], and PbTe systems all have maximum ZT values of around 1 at their respective optimum temperatures.
Photoacoustic investigation of semiconductors: Influence of carrier diffusion in PbTe and Si.
By utilizing and continuously developing these techniques, various nanoscale state-of-the-art thermoelectric compounds, such as [Bi.sub.2.][Te.sub.3], [CoSb.sub.3], PbTe & PbSe, Bi2S3, Bi-Sb-Te & Bi-Te-Se, etc., with multiple nanostructures, have been successfully synthesized.
Lead telluride (PbTe) is typically used for thermoelectric refrigeration or cooling at higher temperatures, around 500-800 K, than [Bi.sub.2][Te.sub.3] (28), (29), (33-36).
For the last fifteen years there has been a growing interest in performance-based teacher education (PBTE) programs.
En primer termino, debemos siquiera mencionar el cambio paradigmatico que se produjo desde el modelo basado en competencias (PBTE) --que tomaba como fundamento la creencia en que las conductas observables de los profesores serian la base para su entrenamiento, lo que llevo a una ingente cantidad de investigaciones para identificar conductas y correlacionarlas con los resultados del aprendizaje de los alumnos--, desde el modelo de competencias, decimos, al modelo humanista fundamentado en la psicologia de Maslow y Rogers y promovido, entre otros, por Combs y sus colaboradores.
This latter area includes items such as solid-state power amplifiers using gallium arsenide FETs and multi-octave, low-noise power amplifiers covering the 0.6- to 18-GHz frequency range; line and area focal plane PbTe infrared detector arrays and their associated read-out electronics; and specialist antenna types including lens multi-beam and active solid-state phased array configurations.
LAHORE -- The Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) on Friday told the Lahore High Court that a diploma of the Punjab Board of Technical Education (PBTE) possessed by Federal Minister for Petroleum Ghulam Sarwar Khan was genuine.