PBTSProton Beam Therapy System (cancer treatment)
PBTSPanasonic Broadcast and Television Systems
PBTSPerformance-Based Treatment Systems
PBTSPublic Basic Telecommunications Service (Singapore)
PBTSPublic Bug Tracking System (Microsoft; software)
PBTSPlanet Beach Tanning Salon (various locations)
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'If the PBTs are more aware of any suspicious activity that has taken place in their area, such incidents of pollution can be avoided and will certainly not burden the consumers like what happens now,' he said.
The police forces in most countries are equipped with handheld instruments to control driver sobriety by means of a preliminary breath test (PBT).
2012) Ontario Toxics Use Reduction Program 2012 (d) OSHA 2013 [check] Interstate Chemicals [check] Clearinghouse (IC2 2013) (e) NAS (NRC 2014) (f) Emissions and environmental fate B/EM- Biomonitoring/ environmental monitoring E-Emissions PBT-Persistent, bioaccumulative, toxic Framework name (reference) B/EM E PBT Goldschmidt 1993 U.S.
Technavio's market research analyst estimates the PBT market to witness a steady growth at a CAGR of around 6% during the forecast period.
The PBTS versatility, 4k capability, and customization ensure it can be configured to any industry or application needs.
However, unlike the PBT, which was used by police who could ensure its maintenance and integrity, the vehicle interlock was intended for managing impaired-driving offenders who might be expected to attempt to circumvent the device.
The regulators also reported that states increasingly have to deal with unintended consequences of unsafe chemicals in commerce, such as persistent bioaccumulative toxins (PBTs).
With increasing of the shear rate, the apparent viscosity decreased continuously, implying that the PBTs and CAB were non-Newtonian fluids and all followed the shear thinning behavior.
The new Acrovyn[R] 4000 wall and door protection line contains no PBTs (persistent bioacummulative toxins), is completely free of PVC and BPA (bisphenol A), and offers the same high-impact strength and UL Class 1 fire rating as original Acrovyn.
Reporting exemptions exist for chemicals or compounds that are not "persistent bio-accumulative and toxic" (PBTs).
The PBTs can serve as "drop-in" replacements for current halogenated compounds for electrical applications, while meeting new environmental compliance standards (such as WEEE and RoHS), report authors Ram Narayanan and Jeanne L.
These are persistent, bio- accumulative toxins ( PBTs) and create eco and health risks when computers are recycled